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Any raves still running in Manchester?
TUNES Posted by lindsey on Thursday 18 March 2004, 03:32PM


I went Bowlers at the end of the month every month too, was damn gutted when it closed down.
There's not been any good raves since..
The good ones are all far away like Milton Keynes (The Sanctuary) and even that's closing down after May. :o(
If u here of any let me know too x

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Why is Slammin' leaving Sanctuary?
by Danny C on Tuesday 30 March 2004 @01:34PM
Please could you tell me how you know that Slammin is'nt gonna be at the Sanctuary any more

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Sanctuary becomes a Stadium :-(
by Lindsey on Tuesday 30 March 2004 @01:50PM
The Sanctuary is closing down after next months last rave, they are building a stadium there or sommet? Not too sure to be honest. Check the Slammin Vinyl Website.

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Slammin' venue sold for footie
by emma on Tuesday 01 March 2005 @09:36PM
slammin left sanctuary because the guy who owned the land decided to sell to some guy who wanted to bulldoze it and make a football ground but slammin will be good were eva it gose

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Slammin Vinyl - 3rd April 2004
by Danny C on Wednesday 31 March 2004 @03:17PM
HardCore Heaven is on in MAY.
Slammin Viynl is on 3rd April {THIS SATURDAY}
You ask to be told on this site so get yourself down to The Sanctuary.

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Zoo, Nation, etc
by jacko on Tuesday 22 June 2004 @03:59PM
check out timeless at zoo in manchester and there also at nation in liverpool the old cream address mc irie of zone stu allen recca and andy pendle have played there recently probably the best old skool rave in this neck of the woods these days

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by Lindsey on Wednesday 23 June 2004 @08:47AM
The Zoo is only small tho isnt it?
I prefer the bigger raves where there is big arena's, it's not the same in a small place.

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Small venues better
by jacko on Wednesday 15 September 2004 @02:14PM
it may be small but you wouldnt find any better zoneesque nights in the northwest anyway its finished there now because of the security they couldnt handle the crews and fucked up a night had to be cancelled early last month for latest news and info about nw raves go italiandance.com or phone melody house records on 01253345755 and dont underestimate clubs that arent huge look at sequins , the venue and angels all small but wicked.

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Zone, Sequins, Oz, Bedrock... (etc)
by JAY GOULDING on Friday 04 February 2005 @07:26PM
I Went to the ZONE, Sequins, Oz, Bedrocks, love shack, Im from Morecambe but when the carlton shut Blackpool was the way forward,The good old days eh.

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